Terms of Usage

If your church has a CCLI license, please report these songs accordingly.

If your church doesnít have a CCLI license, you may use these songs for ministry and congregational use provided itís non-commercial (i.e. you are not making money on the songs). For commercial or any other uses, please contact us.

MP3 files may likewise be copied for non-profit personal or ministry use.

You may reprint articles for non-commercial use. Also kindly let us know if you reprinting any articles.

In all cases, any reprinting of the articles, lyrics and lead sheets must retain the composerís / authorís name, the copyright notice and reference to this website (www.craftsmansong.com).

Also if your church doesnít have a CCLI license, you should get one! Itís not that expensive and itís a great program that allows songwriters to be compensated for the use of their songs.

I hope you can use and enjoy some of the material on this site.